Why Keto?

Through our studies and research, we've learned that a keto way of life is the best form of eating for preventing and/or slowing the progress of Alzheimer's disease.  While we watch the world fight the staggering numbers of people being diagnosed on a daily basis, we are here to bring the fight, through knowledge and prevention, by way of education and tasty treats.  This is why we chose to start a keto baked goods company.  

Alzheimer's disease is currently being called diabetes type 3 by many in the medical profession.  The onset of Alzheimer's can be traced back to insulin resistance of the brain which is very similar to diabetes Type 2 which is insulin resistance of the blood.  When the brain is having to use excessive amounts of glucose to be fueled, it's unable to to rebuild the cells necessary to maintain a healthy brain.  The brain goes into "overload" and begins to tell the cells to self destruct to prevent further damage (which causes the plaque build up called beta-amyloid).  

When we choose a higher fat, low carb diet, the body switches from glucose burning machine to a fat burning machine and uses ketones for fuel instead of glucose. By this happening, the glucose isn't causing the damage to the brain and the brain isn't overworked and trying to "shut itself down".  And so the reversal, prevention or slowing of the progression of Alzheimer's can begin.  

Our products have been tested on both the owner/baker and her mother (Sandy) to ensure that when eaten in the suggested quantities, you can enjoy a sweet treat without being concerned about blood sugar elevation or brain damage due to harmful foods.

What is your favorite sweet treat??