Moved to Alaska


If you've followed us for very long you know that we started out in Colorado. We weren't in a position at that time to really push the business like we wanted to so we closed up shop.  Now, we're in ALASKA!  We are so blessed and grateful to be here and a part of the Anchorage community.  Here, we see the vision we had in Colorado coming to life.  We've begun our journey displaying and selling our products at the Anchorage Markets on the weekends in the summer. 

Our goal is to push through and have a commercial kitchen space of our own by the end of the year.  We are driven to make this happen and we are so appreciative of the support we get from friends and family.  Anchorage is now our home and we can't be happier to dive into this community to spread awareness of the ways to prevent Alzheimer's Disease AND provide tasty keto treats along the way.

Happy day!