How Sandy's Sweets Co Came to Life

Alzheimer's disease created the concept of Sandy's Sweets.  We'll tell you how.

In 2019, co-founder Leigh Ann's mother was diagnosed with mid-stage Alzheimer's disease.  Her name is Sandy.  Sandy was living alone in Charlotte, NC and she had already lost her mother to Alzheimer's, her younger brother to addiction and her father had passed away from complications due to a stomach infection.  Leigh Ann had been gone from NC for years and had no intention of moving back.  

When she learned that her mom had Alzheimer's she and her husband Tyler joined forces and offered for Sandy to come live with them in Colorado.  They had no idea what it would be like to be a caregiver for an "adult infant" who can't be taught new things, reminded of old things or left alone for very long.  It's very trying.  

BUT, they noticed that Sandy was happiest when she had something sweet to eat.  We've since learned that as cruel as the disease of Alzheimer's is, an even crueler twist is that the last tastebuds to go for us as aging adults is our sweet tastebuds.  Alzheimer's is considered type 3 Diabetes or "diabetes of the brain" and develops primarily from high intake of sugars.  See the evil twist.

Leigh Ann began researching and learning ways to satisfy her mom's sweet tooth WITHOUT the ramifications of creating even more insulin resistance.  She taught herself how to make keto friendly desserts.  Using only the highest quality organic eggs, milks, creams, and butters as well as nuts and nut flours that don't have high carbs and Swerve eryithritol for our sweetener, we've created quite a portfolio to date.

Soon the neighbors were trying them and then the idea came to light that we should start selling them.  There are millions of people with diabetes in the world.  People with diabetes are much more likely to develop Alzheimer's.  What if....what if we could help lower their blood sugar by creating good quality, high fat, keto friendly desserts to sell.  And that's what we've done.  We test bake almost daily and come up with new idea.  We're perfected quite a few and are still working on others.  But we will sell them all to those who want to try them. 

Here's the big kicker.  All of our net profits will be donated to Alzheimer's research and studies and we are hoping to soon have our own bakery open to the public.  As for now, we rent a commercial kitchen space each week to fill orders.  Orders are fill on Sundays and Wednesdays and shipped on Mondays and Thursdays.  

We thank you for visiting our site and look forward to sweetening you up.